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VSI ControlsTM believes in creating a healthy, productive and satisfying work environment, where the entire team is encouraged and incented to fulfill our commitments and to satisfy the Customer. This, in turn, benefits our employees, our Customers and VSI ControlsTM.

Gaetano Napolitano
head of the team


Thank you for your interest in VSI ControlsTM.
Even though VSI ControlsTM was only established in 2017 as a branch of PetrolValvesTM, the company maintains:


• A long history of technology and innovation originating from Valtek SulamericanaTM. This fact is well-known by many Customers who have a long history using their broad range of reciprocating and rotary control valves
• The financial strength and global infrastructure of PetrolValvesTM
• A highly experienced and skilled technical team of control valve experts


I am particularly proud to lead this team of highly skilled professionals we are building, who not only offer years of experience in the control valve industry but also subscribe to the common goal of providing better service and support to our Customers, and building closer and long-lasting business relationships.


We are dedicated to providing real solutions with personal interaction and strive to be available as necessary to fulfil our clients’ needs in terms of quality, exibility, on time delivery and support & assistance. Our business priorities are founded upon – building on our global Customer relationships, investing in technology and skilled employees, executing and delivering on-time, building supply chain excellence – that allow us to grow our business by fully satisfying our Customers. Our strength comes from our people, technology and service.


In the utmost spirit of cooperation, we look forward to meeting you, showing you our facilities and capabilities and working together to solve your process issues, as your success in accomplishing this result is our pride!